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CUSTOMER 152 : The Remake

Today, Chronicle Factory, the creators of STILL : The Web Series, are proud to announce that a re-make is in the works. Principle shooting is anticipated to start in Summer 2015. There are no set dates as the script is in development where new characters will replace old ones from the original.

“There will be a little more depth to the story as the first time around I was a little limited on my resources plus the technology has changed considerably in the past ten year since we released C152”, states Holbrook who will be writer and director again for the new version. “We shot C152 with the Canon XL1 at 4:3 Ratio which I always regretted.”


Along Holbrook’s side, Dave Shecter has signed on as Co-Executive Producer. ¬†Shecter is also Executive Producer and actor (LEVI) on Holbrook’s other creation, STILL : The Web Series.


In 2004 Customer 152 was released and hit the festival circuit for a year, winning a few accolades on the way. However, the film did not hit any distribution deal.

Plot Outline
A challenged man is stalked by tall phantoms in business suits after he purchases a car with a mysterious black credit card.