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STILL : TV Series

An unknown infection takes over a small Northwest town, SLOUGHTOWN, while a group of citizens attempt to escape to sanctuary.

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Angela Andrews Chloe Holbrook Sam Samano Dave Shecter David Leddingham Meredith Binder Tim Forehand Kale Wagner Michelle Stahl Paul Sobrie Simone Leorin Jeff Barber Melinda Raebyne Pat Cashman Tabitha Bastien


  • Jonathan Holbrook
    Executive Producer, Creator, Director
  • Dave Shecter
    Executive Producer
  • Bruce Weech
    Executive Producer
  • Dale Newman
    Executive Producer
  • Richard Garcia
    1st Assistant Director
  • Sam Samano
    2nd Assistant Director
  • Chris Venskus
    Key Grip
  • Alan Perry
    Boom Operator
  • Jason Daniel
    Associate Producer
  • Matthew Lowell
    Associate Producer
  • Stephanie Powell
    Associate Producer
  • Leslie Sediak
    Associate Producer
  • Nancy Adams
    Associate Producer
  • Michelle Stahl
    Associate Producer
  • Bruce Butler
    Associate Producer
  • Long Tran
    Digital Visual FX
  • Michael Malko
    Digital Visual FX
  • Kate Dixson
    Key Special Makeup FX, Producer
  • Kenneth Davenport
    Production Assistant, Still Photography


  • STILL : Series - Trailer#3
  • Still : Series - Trailer #2
  • STILL : Series - Trailer #1


  • Cinema on the Rocks

    “ There’s something intangibly off about it that unsettles the soul”

  • London Film Review (UK)

    “A slow-burning, creepy tale” 

  • Liberation (France)

    “This is one of the best things that is currently running on the web”

  • Film Threat

    “World building, ominous suspense”


    “STILL is an absorbing, tense, sci-fi thriller guaranteed to make your skin crawl”


    “A disturbing show with good writing, acting and directing”

  • Terra's Independent Voice

    “A reoccurring horror dream you just can’t shake all day long”


    “A different and refreshing approach to the zombie sub-genre”

  • WebVee Guide

    “Best damn series you’ll ever have the pleasure of watching”

  • Cinema Chords (UK)

    “You’ll want to look away and feel it crawl under your skin”

Production Stills

Fan Art

  • by Angel Dettlaff
  • by Angel Dettlaff
  • by Angel Dettlaff

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