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From the creator of the STILL SERIES and TALL MEN, comes a new Holbrookian vision.

A 12 year old girl loses her parents in a car accident and is forced to live with her unstable aunt, who is tied to bad people. She soon befriends an escaped mental patient she meets in the woods and hides him at home.


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Sanae Loutsis Jonathan Holbrook Elizabeth Rhoades Tabitha Bastien Paul Sobrie Dave Shecter Sheila Houlahan James Pinto II


  • Jonathan Holbrook
    Writer, Executive Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor
  • Dave Shecter
    Co-Executive Producer
  • Joy Yaholkovsky
    Associate Producer
  • Lance Caver
    Associate Producer
  • Earl Gray
    Co-Executive Producer
  • Nick Shargas
    1st Assistant Director, Assistant Camera
  • AJ Jones
    2nd Assistant Director
  • Kris Carroll
    Costume and Props Designer
  • Ret Harrison
    Special FX Makeup
  • Hannah Krutsinger
    Assistant FX Makeup
  • Kim Terreson
    Key Makeup
  • Sara Broshofske
    Original Score


  • Trailer #1
  • Trailer#2
  • Trailer#3
  • "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" clip


  • Film Threat

    “Entertaining yarn with Tarantino-esque style”

  • The Night Gallery

    “A complete package of serious, comical and downright creepy.”

  • Mick Bannister - Secklow 105.5 FM (UK)

    “What a ride!”


    “Halloween meets Pulp Fiction”

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