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TALL MEN (2016)

Terrence Mackleby claims bankruptcy after being over $80,000 in debt. His private world is turned upside down when Terrence is visited by strange demons and tall phantoms in business suits after he applies for a mysterious black credit card, in this nightmarish Holbrookian vision.



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Jonathan Holbrook Dan Crisafulli Kay Whitney Richard Garcia Pat Cashman Jennifer Angelucci-Medina Josh Van Dijk Mark A. Johnston Sherie Suter Andrew Triblioni Rachelle Henry Earl Gray Paul Sobrie Jeff Barber Anthony Brogan Elijah Stevenson


  • Jonathan Holbrook
    Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Cinematographer
  • Dave Shecter
    Co-Executive Producer
  • Richard Garcia
    Production Manager / 1st Assistant Director
  • Ret Harrison
    Special FX Makeup
  • Michael Malko
    Digital Special FX
  • Conrad Wrobel
    Assistant Camera
  • Morgen Johnson
    Associate Producer
  • Chris Venskus
    Associate Producer
  • Maile Hudson
    Associate Producer, Hair/Makeup
  • Kenneth Davenport
    Still Photography/Chronicle Factory Website
  • Elena Stecca
    Production Assistant


  • TALL MEN : Official Trailer


  • Phil Russell - Beyond the Darkness and Phenomena.

    “Creepy as hell and darkly funny in equal measure”

  • Sick Flix

    “A genuinely frightening, surreal story.”

  • Mick Bannister, Secklow Sounds FM Radio (UK)

    “With a nod to Lynch and Kubrick,  the cult movie of 2016.”

  • The 7th Matrix

    “Deeply unnerving.”

  • UK Horror Scene

    “Unexpected twists, a stylish indie”

  • The Blogging Banshee

    “A unigue plot with a lovely cast of oddballs”

  • Dread Central

    “Frightening and entertaining”

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